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Planar Diaphragm Earbuds In-Ear
OBB Magnetic Return Technology Masterpiece: E600P 

OE History:

 Original & Elegant was born in 2008 in Berlin, Germany, OE is its worldwide registered trademark, OE in the field of audio has a strong independent research and development capabilities, OE engineers are a group of rigorous and pragmatic pragmatism, love to experiment with a variety of new materials, new technologies, in order to produce excellent acoustic quality of the products and to strive for OE founded on the basis of excellent engineering technology, the company, guided by the vision of OE technology innovation and the perfect combination of new technology research to ensure that OE is the perfect combination of technological innovation and new technology, to ensure that the sound of the OE in the ear. The company was founded on the basis of good engineering, and under the guidance of the vision, the perfect combination of OE's technological innovation and new technology research ensures OE's continuous pursuit of acoustic innovation. 


Nano-grade HiFi flat diaphragm sound unit 


Impedance: 50Ω


Power: 3-10W


Sensitivity: 93dB


Adopting OE's new generation of OBB magnetic return structure.


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