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Designed from the ground up with the latest wireless and audio technology. Cupid now has an industry-leading 36 hours of listening time, QI-certified wireless charging and advanced Active Noise Cancellation. So you can rediscover the music you love.

Need to hear what’s going on around you? With a simple touch you can enter transparent mode and be more aware of your surroundings. Cupid comes equipped with full touch control convenience, so you can answer calls, skip songs, and even activate your Siri or Google Voice Assist all with a finger.

Cupid is a company that is building its heritage on the belief that “only real music will last forever.” Two German engineers, one 74 year old Canadian sound tuner, and a Chinese innovator came together to realize their vision — the universal language of sound should be made available to everyone at the highest quality.
People dance at weddings, jump up for joy when hearing their favorite song on the radio or weep during an opera performance; music transcends cultural boundaries and time itself. The team believes that such vivid experiences should be lived to their full potential.
After lots of time and dedicated efforts, the team got one step closer to their vision when they crafted a masterpiece — Cupid. With this high-performing audiophile product which features a “natural and unadorned” classic design, the world is one step closer to experiencing what wireless audio in true high-definition feels like.


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