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AMT Tweeter | Lossless Audio | Explosive Bass | Expansive Soundstage | Wide Frequency Response


A studio-grade professional listening experience sets musicians back $10,000s. But now you can join them and hear the beat as your favorite artists intended them to be heard. Dive deep into a listening experience so rich, you’ll wonder how you were enjoying music before.


Packed with a powerful AMT tweeter, OEPLAY is built to impress with exceptional sound quality to truly honor and respect the music the way it was written. Every detail, every frequency, every pitch and vibration.

And with its timeless design, OEPLAY is also a beautifully elegant addition to any interior.

Get ready to bring the ultimate music experience into your home at an affordable price.


OEPLAY rocks custom-designed AMT tweeters, which are favored by the world’s top audio producers & music enthusiasts and provide an ultra-clear high-frequency transient response.

They will transport you by an incredible audio experience that goes beyond what you hear and continues its way into your soul – whether you’re relaxing at home or rocking at a mega backyard party.


The world's top audio brands have favored the AMT pneumatic tweeter since its birth, such as the Hi-End audio brand German Berliner, Yili, Denmark Guifeng, etc., known as "the top tweeter," received by Popular with music lovers all over the world.


Most speakers and headphones wash out the instruments and make everything sound like it came from the same exact location. A few go so far as to create a Left-Right balance.
But when you’re listening to an orchestra, or watching your favorite film, can you close your eyes and place each sound within the 3D space it belongs? Can you hear the violins close to you on the left? The violas in the center? The trombones over in the back next to the percussion?
With OEPLAY’s expansive soundstage, you will. The immersive 3D soundstage offers never-heard-before depth, allowing you to feel like you’re in the scene, at the concert, live, right where the action is happening.


With its extremely wide frequency range of 33Hz to 55 kHz, OEPLAY is able to recreate sounds accurately to the tiniest detail. Enjoy a superior audio experience and hear every single detail — from moving lows, to balanced mids and sharp highs.
But why include frequencies up to 55 kHz when most people can usually only hear sounds up to 22 kHz?

Most speakers that try to end up with a full response range of 20 Hz - 22 kHz, only have a relatively flat response between 200 Hz - 5 kHz. The rest of the frequencies, from a low walking bass to sharp high hats usually roll off and sound muffled, ruining the mix!

OEPLAY’s unique design and combination of AMT Tweeters, speakers and subwoofers, creates a super flat audible sound profile across the entire range of human hearing. And this perfectly matches the actual sound levels you’d experience in a live environment. The extra frequency response is just a product of this high-fidelity sound reproduction, that improves your listening experience!



Whether you’re listening to hard rock or classical music, properly balanced bass is essential for an optimal listening experience where you hear every detail.

OEPLAY’s spherical sound box is specially designed to deliver powerful bass without distortion. The unique shape of the sound box allows the bass to be set in the optimal environment, balancing the sensitivity and power, and creates an extended sound field that allows you to experience the full power of the bass notes.



Additionally, its powerful amplifier delivers those uncovered details, providing a pristine sound that fills any room and your body with ground-shaking bass.
It’s time to enjoy a pristine sound that fills any room and your body with ground-shaking bass.



Optical & AUX 3.5 mm ports for seamless connectivity

Your OEPLAY MusicStar5 is a versatile and powerful speaker. It can provide a stunning audio experience anywhere around your home. Easily pair it to any TV, computer, projector, or other audio devices via Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, optical, or AUX ports.

Now you can play your podcasts, favorite jams or that new album from Spotify, Apple Music, or any other online music services without worrying about wires or low quality audio playback



Combining two OEPLAY MusicStar5 speakers together, you'll create a stereo separation effect that will make your music sound richer and fuller. This is perfect for listening to music, watching movies, or TV shows with enhanced sound. Simply connect one speaker to your TV (AUX 3.5 mm or Optical) and link it with the second OEPLAY MusicStar5 speaker via TWS Bluetooth connection. With this simple setup, you'll be enjoying beautiful, immersive sound in no time.



OEPLAY is more than a speaker. It’s an elegant piece of furniture that transcends the notion of time with a brilliantly modern take on a classic design.

Its minimalist philosophy in mind results in a sophisticated and luxurious product that is carefully crafted from solid aluminum.

The golden ratio of its spherical shape, the multi-layer hand-polished piano paint, and the relaxing and harmonious look and feel all work together to create a beautiful speaker that is more than just a piece of audio equipment.



The heat dissipation system is the founding stone to support the excellent operation of the whole speaker system. The OEPLAY spherical shape is also a powerful and well-thought engineering construction to make sure that your speaker will not overheat.

It comes packed with our unique Symmetrical Magnet Device (SMD), which offers an extended voice coil stroke range.

From the perfect spherical acoustic structure to the thickness of the aluminum mold, OEPLAY ensures that the high-resolution sound is equally clear even when the voice coil temperature increases.


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