OEQ - 360 ° Full-frequency Unit

The effective frequency response range of OE full-frequency unit is very wide (60Hz-56KHz). The diaphragm of OE full-frequency unit is a conical shape with a small top and a large bottom, and the diaphragm is very thin and hard, which are 0.13mm (Al-Mg composite diaphragm), 0.12mm (ceramic diaphragm) and 0.15mm (carbon fibre diaphragm) respectively. In fact, the high frequency upper limit of the OE 360° full-frequency unit can easily reach above 56KHz with several different diaphragm materials, and there is no need to equip it with additional treble unit- It has already realized the sound of 360° full-frequency band. However, the pursuit of sound perfection is endless, and there is only a little difference. This is the significance of OE 360° treble unit in the whole system.

USS-360° Speaker System

USS-360 ° Omni-directional Speaker System:

Among the many major innovations pioneered by OE, the USS-360° omni-directional speaker system is clearly the most outstanding one. Its extraordinary clear sound and 360° omni-directional diffusion performance have opened a new era in speaker technology. After more than 10 years of unremitting innovation and continuous development, the sound quality and performance of the USS-360° omni-directional speaker system has reached the unrivalled superior level of traditional speakers in all aspects. The sound effect is extremely realistic and natural, as if the performance scene is completely presented in front of you. Whether sitting in the centre of the room or curling up on the sofa in the corner, you can enjoy the real and moving melody, letting you experience that no matter how big the space is, the sound field can achieve a full coverage.

What makes this possible is that the USS-360° omnidirectional speaker system is completely different from traditional speakers. The USS-360°omnidirectional speaker system diffuses the key sound shaping the listening experience in an all-round way throughout the space, and transmits the sound of the whole range uniformly and continuously from 360° all-round diffusing point.Creating realistic sound effects comparable to those of a live performance is not easy, because high-quality speakers do not produce sound from the same source or drive unit. Like the deep bass of an organ in a concert hall or the explosion of a movie in a theatre, or the cadence of a human voice in a melodic tone, or the treble of a cymbal strike - two or more driving units are necessary to faithfully reproduce each band of the entire spectrum. Most speakers have the midrange and treble units mounted side by side, so the sound is coming from two different locations, which not only creates audio "clutter", but also never achieves a realistic and natural sound effect. With the USS-360° technology, OE's treble and full range units can be precisely installed in the same vertical axis in space, so that the two units are perfectly combined to create an ideal sound field, allowing the listener to experience natural, real and moving sounds.By concentrating the sound centre in the same vertical axis in space, it enables the bass and treble sound output to achieve a 360° "time calibration", allowing the designer to perfectly integrate the drive units of the same or different axes. This design is similar to the vertical separation of the drive unit, but at the same time has 360° omnidirectional characteristics. Thus, the greatest advantage of the USS-360° technology is that it breaks the vertical interference pattern between the separated treble and midrange units, which can limit high-quality sound output to a narrow range of +/ -10 degrees above and below the main axis. This effect will not only limit the listening area, but also cause a decrease in the total energy output of the bass/treble frequency division, thus causing distortion of reflected energy in the listening space. In the USS-360° technology system, this effect is perfectly eliminated.

The second biggest advantage of the USS-360° technology is what we called "360° omnidirectional dispersal". By placing the 360° treble unit in the center above the midrange unit, OE enables it to be under the control of 360° all-round vocalization, which determines the naturalness, authenticity and completeness of the sound in the listening space to a large extent. As a result, the listener is not constrained by the "best listening position" as with traditional loudspeakers. In addition, the reflected energy in the listening space can be kept balanced, so that the sound effect presents a realistic tone, while not causing sound coloration.

In engineering terms, a full range is often referred to as "360°". Moreover, the USS-360° speaker system looks like a unicorn beast - that's why we named it Unicorn Speaker System-360°

From the listener's point of view, the combination of matched 360° omnidirectional diffusion and accurate omnidirectional temporal consistency can significantly improve the stereo image of the whole listening area, and the balance of reflected energy in the listening space can improve the realism of the sound image.

360° Pneumatic Treble Unit

About OE 360° Pneumatic Treble Unit:

OE is the world's first and only manufacturer of 360° aluminium strip treble unit and registered a patent. The introduction of this 360° tweeter unit is a milestone of modern acoustic development, as many of the world's top speaker manufacturers have tried - but failed to develop and manufacture 360° speakers, especially in the field of high-quality tweeters and mid-range speakers.

OE 360° aluminium strip treble unit makes the plane aluminium strip treble realize the ring 360° sound through the extremely complex process, its frequency response range is 2.5KHz -46KHz, and has achieved very ideal acoustic characteristics and practical listening experience. It is the ideal configuration for many flagship loudspeaker systems.

OE Wireless Technology

OE Wireless Technology:

Wireless systems are not all alike.

Ordinary wireless systems transmit radio signals using only one frequency or channel. Unfortunately, the frequency is similar to that used by many household appliances, including microwave ovens, cell phones and Wi-Fi routers. These devices can interfere with the transmission of sound signals, causing sound loss or distortion. The OE wireless system is quite different. Our revolutionary transmission technology continuously monitors interference and automatically adjusts interference conditions to ensure high quality wireless sound.

OBB Magnetic Reflux Technology

OBB (Obtain Beneficial Balance) Magnetic Reflux Technology:

This is OE latest invention patent. When all loudspeakers work, the magnetic flux overflow will occur in the magnetic circuit structure. Through the OBB magnetic reflux technology of OE, the speaker will effectively recover and manage the overflow magnetic flux in a limited space. The overflowed magnetic flux will be effectively collected and returned to the closed magnetic field. With such a magnetic backflow structure design, the planar magnetic circuit system composed of multiple bar magnets can form a closed loop. As a result, the planar magnetic field consisting of multiple strips becomes a monolithic planar magnetic field with a closed loop, which makes the field distribution more uniform and saturated, and it keeps the THD distortion rate between 0.05% and 0.96%. This invention further enhances the control ability of the diaphragm vibration in the closed magnetic field. The maximum focused magnetic field is about 1.5 Tesla, which nearly doubles the control force to improve the analytical force and transient response efficiency, making the phase of the speaker sound more natural, detailed and musical.